Our Beach Mat Multi weave is an experiment in freestyle weaving.

To create this cloth we simply hand over a selection of yarn colors to our weavers and let them combine the colors and weave the weft stripes as they please. This heavy weave has a solid natural white warp, so all of the colors come through the yarns on the bobbins the weaver plays with in the weft. We say plays with because this way of weaving has a similarity to freestyle jazz. Both allow for complete freedom of improvisation, without any adherence to a predetermined structure or composition. This lack of structure allows the weavers to relax into unconstrained spontaneous creativity and exploration.

The lengths of cloth are then cut and assembled unsystematically into garments. In this way the garments match color wise but each one is absolutely unique. The result is a random sunny mix of colors and stripes that we have made into jackets, beach mats and bucket hats.