We have the grounds to make all of our products in-house. That applies in two senses, we have reasons to carry out all of manufacturing ourselves and we have a wonderful property where we are able to do it.

From the arrival of the cotton yarn until the finished product departs for our warehouse in New York, the entire making process takes place in our premises in Madras, Southern India. As a family business we take great pride in the benefits this gives our brand. Not only of the confidence we are able to have by controlling the consistent high quality of our products but also the enormous satisfaction in the quality of working conditions and the guaranteed welfare of our team of weavers and tailors. Doing everything in-house also gives us flexibility in responding to changing design iterations, and customizations, fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

The grounds where we carry out all of manufacturing is a family property located in Madras, about 30km south of Chennai along the Coromandel Coast. Here we have plenty of space indoors as well as outdoors to carry out all of the weaving and tailoring of our collection. It is incredibly fortunate to have these grounds to work in together as a team closely connected to greenery and nature. Undoubtedly it has a positive effect on what we make.