Ikat weaving is a traditional technique combining weaving and dyeing to create intricate patterns on woven fabric. Its exact origin is uncertain and interestingly it appears to have originated in several regions simultaneously, including Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and South America. In India, ikat weaving has a centuries long history and is practiced in unique styles throughout the country.

The word "ikat" itself is derived from the Indonesian word "mengikat," which means "to tie" or "to bind," reflecting the process of tying and dyeing the yarns before they are woven. Weaving with unevenly colored yarns results in delicate patterns that appear blurred or slightly out of focus. This technique requires careful planning and precise alignment of the dyed threads during the weaving process to create the desired pattern.

For SS24 our team of weavers have created an ikat cloth through an atypical process of resist bleaching indigo yarns. We are very proud of the result achieved entirely in-house.