Many hands make light work is a saying we live by, but we take this idea further and say that our many hands make incredibly beautiful work and that the skill of those hands is what makes our work absolutely unique.

Weaving by hand is a slow process that promotes frugality and appreciation. Values that we think need to be promoted in manufacturing today because they are disappearing with the effortlessness and mindlessness of machine production.

Like all handmade things, handloom cloth is testimony of human endeavor and its experience that we all share. Every inch is woven through states of inspired creativity, stubborn perseverance, concentration, frustration,... Yards have been woven first thing in the morning and into the afternoon, some of it is woven with energy, some with tiredness, some with boredom but most often and most beautifully, just lost in the flow. Each weft in handloom cloth is like a ring in a tree trunk, it marks a moment in time and in life. It is a pleasure to recognize that when you are wearing hand woven Madras.

Weaving by hand is a clear manifestation of our putting other values above productivity. Along with making beautiful cloth we contribute to preserve and enhance the unique skill set of the handloom weaver. Our weavers are true craftspeople that take great pride in their work and in continuing the tradition of passing on their knowledge and skill from one generation to the next. Through the creation of unique and beautiful clothing and accessories, our handloom project serves to support and raise a community of weavers that are thrilled to see their work newly